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Hi! I'm Corinna Buchholz. I started selling on etsy while on maternity leave nine years ago. I had found some antique photographs at an estate sale, so decided to scan, restore and list some of them as a brand-new product called a "collage sheet." After listing the first sheet I took my dog on a walk and twenty minutes later had sold my very first digital download. Now, more than 30,000 collage sheets later, piddix is one of the top sellers online, offering the highest quality, most trustworthy images available.

With 20+ years experience in graphic design and a Masters degree in Women's History, I make sure that every image I sell is of the highest quality, thoroughly researched for copyright, and absolutely gorgeous. I travel the world with my scanner and camera, researching in archives and scouring antique stores. The piddix archive now contains over 50,000 rare, exquisite pieces of ephemera.

I also license larger piddix images for products such as journals in Target, Greeting Cards in Trader Joes, Calendars at Barnes & Noble, and all types of products in over 50 museums.

piddix llc

Portland, Oregon 97201
United States

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